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Multi-Player Registration Discounts

Multi-Player Registration Discounts

There are two multi-player registration discounts available.

Multi-Player Registration Discount:

When registering 3 or more players, a $15 registration discount will be given for each child after the 2nd child registered:

* 1 player - no discount
* 2 players - no discount
* 3 players - $15 total discount
* 4 players - $30 total discount
* 5 players - $45 total discount
* 6 players - $60 total discount

Lottery Calendar Selling Requirements

A $30 per player fee is included in each registration price. This $30 is for the 3 lottery calendars that you will receive as part of our yearly fundraiser. You may sell these calendars to recoup your money or keep them for yourself. For families registering more than one player, the 2nd and subsequent players are only required to purchase/sell 1 calendar. When registering each player online, you will initially be charged the full $30 for each player registered. The multi-player discount will be shown at checkout to reflect the requirement to only sell 1 calendar for each player registered after the 1st.

* 1 player - will be charged full $30
* 2 players - $20 will be deducted (shown as a discount)
* 3 players - $40 will be deducted (shown as a discount)
* 4 players - $60 will be deducted (shown as a discount)
* 5 players - $80 will be deducted (shown as a discount)
* 6 players - $100 will be deducted (shown as a discount)

The two discounts shown above will be automatically calculated. They will be combined and shown on page 2 of the checkout process when registering online

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